Safeguarding Your Land From Any Foreseeable Damage

Fjord Forestry logs being towed by a tractor.

Tree Surveys

If you own or manage land populated with trees, it is your responsibility to obtain a tree survey. Here at Fjord Forestry, we offer a variety of industry-authorised tree surveys, ranging from walk-over surveys for those on a limited budget, to a comprehensive survey which provides a thorough inventory of all trees in your care.

Our NPTC-qualified team will perform a meticulous inspection, searching for any visible damage or decay before noting the tree’s overall health and measurements. We also take into account its proximity to any nearby buildings, infrastructure and roads, before deciding on a recommended course of action. This ensures all trees are in a healthy condition and in no danger of causing damage to nearby property or people.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)

If a tree is deemed to be of great benefit to the surrounding area, it can be protected from being cut down or lopped by a preservation order. This means that if the tree is modified without written consent, this would be classed as a criminal offence. If you believe there is a tree on your property that should be protected, get in touch with Fjord Forestry. We can submit TPO (Tree Preservation Order) applications on your behalf, so you don’t have to deal with any confusing paperwork. Any application for tree works will be sent to the local planning authority for them to review.

Whether you’re a homeowner wanting more information on the trees in your garden or a business owner needing an in-depth survey for insurance purposes, the tree surveyors at Fjord Forestry can help you out. We operate in domestic and commercial settings across Poole, Wimborne and Bournemouth – simply contact us to arrange a consultation.


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