Cutting Your Canopy to Prevent Uncontrolled Growth

Fjord Forestry van towing wood chipper.

Tree Pollarding

As trees grow, they reach huge heights that can become dangerous to the surrounding area, especially in an urban environment. As a leading arboriculture company, Fjord Forestry can help; our NPTC-qualified arborists can perform a range of pollarding and pruning services to help limit the growth of your trees.

During the process of pollarding, all branches and foliage will be removed to leave just the trunk and basic tree framework. As well as restricting branch growth, this can minimise the shade cast by large canopies and prevent trees from outgrowing their location. Pollarding is a severe method of tree pruning that only works for certain species; that’s why our knowledgeable team will be on hand to provide advice on whether this approach will benefit your trees.

Local Tree Pollarding Services

We typically perform pollarding during the winter months when the tree is dormant; this allows our arborists to monitor the shape being created for maximum precision. Pollarding should be repeated every few years to tame regrowth, maintain the appearance of the tree and keep the tree structurally sound. If you want to reduce the size of your tree but don’t want to destroy vital habitats, we also provide pollarding boxes for birds and bats. This gives your tree a new life, whilst also providing valuable shelter to nesting wildlife.

For guidance on whether pollarding would be beneficial for your trees, contact Fjord Forestry – our friendly team are always happy to answer any questions. We operate in homes and commercial settings across Poole, Wimborne and Bournemouth, and our knowledgeable arborists are equipped to pollard trees of all sizes.


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