Keeping Your Garden in Shape

Fjord Forestry trimming a hedge up a ladder.

Hedge Trimming Services

Trimming hedges neatly and precisely requires a considerable amount of skill. An inexperienced hedge trimmer can ruin years of growth in just a few seconds, with the slightest wrong move leaving your hedge misshapen. Here at Fjord Forestry, our NPTC-qualified team are exceptionally skilled and use only the highest quality tools for maximum precision. Affordability is at the heart of our operations and we offer cost-effective hourly and daily rates for all hedge trimming services.

Hedges can greatly impact the appearance of your outside area and provide a more natural looking border than walls, fences and any other man-made boundary. An untidy hedge can make your garden look unkempt, so hedge cutting is an easy way to ensure your landscape remains presentable. Aesthetics aren’t the only reason why hedge maintenance is important; excessive growth can actually harm your hedge by reducing the amount of moisture and light received, which impacts development.

Domestic and Commercial Hedge Cutting

Our qualified arborists will begin by assessing the condition of your hedge, before determining the best course of action. We will trim in a way that promotes maximum growth with fewer bare spots. All damaged and decaying areas will be removed to maintain a healthy and dense hedge.

Fjord Forestry operates in a range of domestic and commercial settings. Our knowledgeable arborists have the expertise to handle projects of any size – no hedge is too tall or wide for us. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to keep your garden tidy or an estate manager needing to maintain acres of land, Fjord Forestry are the go-to arboriculturists in the region. We operate throughout Poole, Wimborne and Bournemouth – simply contact our team today to book a consultation.


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