Sprucing up Your Trees for a Healthier Appearance

Fjord Forestry logs being towed by a tractor.

Tree Cutting Services

Your tree requires constant care and attention in order to thrive, and a tree trimming service is an easy way to preserve long term health. Tree cutting should only be attempted with the correct training, equipment and experience – all of which the team at Fjord Forestry possesses. Our expert arborists will be able to provide advice on the best course of action to ensure your tree’s longevity, whether that be with pruning or lopping.

We use battery operated chainsaws on all of our tree cutting jobs; not only does this minimise any noise and disruption, but it benefits the environment by reducing petrol emissions. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us, and our team will diligently dispose of any waste generated, leaving your outside area as we found it.

Tree Pruning and Lopping

Tree pruning controls the development of a tree by removing damaged or diseased branches. This stimulates growth and disposes of any unnecessary weight. Pruning can also include more minor duties, such as shearing smaller branches and performing a general tidy up of the tree.

Tree lopping is a slightly more complicated task which involves cutting whole limbs off of the tree. This procedure is performed on younger trees to train branches to grow in a particular direction for better growth, to enhance appearance and to encourage longevity.

For local tree cutters that you can rely on, contact Fjord Forestry today. We offer affordable daily and hourly rates to suit the scale of your project. Our knowledgeable team has a wealth of experience and operates in a wide variety of homes and businesses across Poole, Wimborne and Bournemouth.


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