Keeping Trees Structurally Sound for Years to Come

Fjord Forestry tree surgeon with chainsaw.

Tree Crown Reductions

Tree crown care is a highly skilled job that involves systematically climbing through the crown, out to the very edge of the tree’s branches. With a wealth of experience and NPTC accreditations to our name, the crown tree surgeons here at Fjord Forestry are all more than qualified to perform this task. We offer a range of affordable arboricultural services to domestic and commercial customers alike – no job is too big or too small for us.

A tree crown reduction is a selective pruning method that reduces heavy and overextended branches. This technique helps preserve a tree’s structural integrity by creating a balanced branch structure. Defects and cracks become more common over time and this helps to take the stress off of these areas, allowing the tree to survive for longer.

Tree Crown Thinning & Liftings

Here at Fjord Forestry, we perform both crown thinning and lifting services. Tree crown thinning is a method of pruning that allows more light to filter through the canopy. This process helps to strengthen the crown of the tree by removing inner limbs, whilst still maintaining the natural shape of the tree. Any deadwood will also be identified and removed during this task.

Tree crown lifting removes the lower limbs of a tree in order to raise the crown. This clears sightlines, enables more light to filter through and allows more space to walk underneath. The team at Fjord Forestry will perform this service quickly and effectively at a price that won’t hurt your bank balance.

For advice on reducing tree size or for more information about crown care, get in touch with our friendly team today. We operate in domestic and commercial settings across Poole, Bournemouth and Wimborne.


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