Heat Your Home With Locally Sourced Firewood

Fjord Forestry logs and firewood for sale.

Logs And Firewood For Sale

Here at Fjord Forestry, we are committed to reducing waste wherever possible. If you’re having trees felled on your land, we can transform the organic waste generated into useful firewood for your property; our team can even cut logs to your desired specifications. Not only does this save you green waste tipping fees, but it also reduces the cost of heating your home.

We can take any unwanted logs sourced during our work and turn it into useful firewood for sale. Our staff are also passionate about implementing eco-friendly initiatives; we use battery powered tools and equipment on all of our projects to reduce our petrol emissions.

Local Log Suppliers

Choosing a local log supplier reduces your environmental impact as there is no carbon footprint incurred, unlike when you purchase logs that are transported from far away. This is also an ethical way of sourcing firewood as you can be certain the product was not retrieved during mass tree destruction. Fjord Forestry only uses the highest quality wood for our logs, so you can be sure there is no disease or damage.

We also collect interesting and useful pieces of timber that we find during our work to sell on for small construction, joinery and green woodworking projects. This gives new life to the waste we produce and keeps our practices sustainable.

For high-quality, local firewood for sale, contact Fjord Forestry today. We operate in domestic and commercial settings across Poole, Wimborne and Bournemouth.


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